Mark Levy Performance Programs

Jewish music to lift your hearts

Mark Levy: Song Singer, Song Maker

Whether he's singing an old Yiddish lullaby or a new tune of his own, Mark delivers a song with such feeling and conviction that audiences around the world are mesmerized. His heartfelt rendering of Jewish folksongs has earned him a reputation for outstanding programs for all ages.

Jewish Folksong: The Language of the Soul

Descended from an Ashkenazi (eastern European) mother and a Sephardi (Spanish-Jewish) father, Mark Levy combines the beautiful melodies of both traditions together with Hebrew and Israeli songs in a versatile performance that transports the listener to another time and place. Accompanied by guitar and dumbek (middle eastern drum), the selections depict scenes from a bygone era of Jewish life, and programs always include well-loved favorites. He has recorded many of these on four albums.

Mark Levy on the dumbek

Here is a listing of some of Mark Levy's Musical Programs:

Oy, Chanukah! Favorite songs, old and new, for the Festival of Lights

Columbus' Medina Yiddish songs of the Jewish immigrants from 1880-1920

Songs of Hope and Resistance Commemorating the Holocaust for Yom Ha-Sho'ah

Romancero Sephardic songs sung in Ladino from Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia

Music-Go-Round Songs for young people from many traditions

The World in Song A musical journey through different countries and cultures

The Union Makes Us Strong Songs from the Labor Movement

Stayed on Freedom The Music of the Civil Rights Movement

This Ol' Earth Environmental songs for a cleaner, safer planet

Political Satire

Mark's original compositions satirize social and political items in the news, presidential foibles, and world events. His often biting humor enables him to convey a serious message and make people laugh at the same time. Pete Seeger says of Mark, "...inspiring. I don't often hear someone with such a good voice and clear sense of direction." Tom Lehrer remarks, "I'm glad to see there's still somebody out there doing this." Says Dave Sear of WNYC Radio's Folk Music Almanac, "The best political satire I've heard in a long time."

Mark has released several recordings of his own songs, most notably Take Off Your Clothes (1985), Sheroes/Heroes (1990), and Born To Be Wired (1995).

Mark Levy is available for holiday programs, festivals, fundraisers, and private parties. Programs can be tailored to to presenter's need. He has performed for Jewish community centers, synagogues, and temples around the country. Other venues include folk clubs, coffeehouses, colleges, weddings, b'nai mitzvah, and benefits for social and political organizations. He has toured throughout the USA, Europe, and Israel.

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