Mark Levy Fees

Jewish music to lift your hearts

We try to keep Mark's speaking and performing fees reasonable to accommodate budgets of different kinds of organizations. Here is a breakdown, with sliding scale, of fees for different kinds of programs:

Concerts/live performances: $500-$1000 sliding scale for endowed or underwritten events, fundraisers, and benefits featuring a full two hour show. (Under some circumstances, we may contract for a guaranteed amount plus a percentage of the gate over your expenses.) Senior groups receive a discounted fee of $200-400 for shorter programs and sometimes less for weekday lunch programs and such. Nursing homes are $100-200 depending upon location.

Classes and lectures: For a single lecture on one of Mark's Jewish music topics (see Classes and Lectures page), $200-500. Three- to five- session classes typically run $150-200 per session.

Transportation: Whenever possible, Mark builds in his transportation costs if he is appearing at several locations in an area. He is more than willing to fly anywhere in the continental USA or Canada for one-shot engagements provided the cost is covered. Tours out of the country can also be arranged.

Lodging: When traveling to a remote location, Mark may require a hotel or motel stay be covered. Nothing fancy, and in certain cases home hospitality is sufficient.

There you have it. I'll work with your organization to make an event affordable, as I'd always rather do a show for you than not.


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