Mark Levy 2002 Recordings

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Here are some recent songs Mark has put up to share.

Based on the statements of bereaved families, both Palestinian and Israeli,
who have lost children to the violence.
Learn more about this inspiring group of people

Standing on the Graves of Our Children May 2002 Mark Levy

We have every reason to hate each other,
brother, you and I.
Some of your people killed my son,
some of mine watched yours die.
And though we should be enemies,
our grief unites us still.
We've set aside our anger
to talk and not to kill.

Chorus: and we are standing on the graves of our children,
wondering how many must die?
standing on the graves of our children,
asking why not give peace a try?

We carried these dear ones and bore them with love,
lost them to bullet and bomb.
Sister we both buried beautiful dreams,
never again to cry, Mom.
And though the pain we mothers feel
has torn our lives to shreds,
we have lost our loved ones,
but we have not lost our heads!


How many years, how many tears,
how many coffins and graves,
we who have buried these children
ask through the violent waves?
Palestinians and Israelis,
Moslems and Christians and Jews--
we cry not for blood but for peace.
There is too much to lose.

So we are ...Chorus

Listen to: "Standing On The Graves Of Our Children"

Another song based on the words of survivors,
this time surviving families of Sept.11 victims.
See their site:

If They Could Only Speak... Mark A. Levy Oct. 2001

She'd woken up that morning, her bags were packed to go.
She'd been visiting friends, now she was ready to go home.
She was a bright light everywhere she'd be,
shinin' her way home on flight 93.

Chorus: She was on that flight, he was on that floor.
If they could only speak, they'd say, "No more war!
No no bloodshed, no slaughter, no vengeance in my name!"
He was on that floor, she was on that plane.

He'd gotten to work early on the hundredth floor.
Then terror rocked the building, and he was out the door.
He was a kind and gentle man, and we all miss him so.
He'd want to say, "Peace is the way," he'd want the world to know.


Bridge: And our grief is not a cry for war
that our loved ones would never have been for.
We stand together here to say:
there's got to be a better way
to end the terror in our world today.

Yes, we have suffered. Yes, we have lost.
We will never forget that fiery holocaust,
but don't use our grief, don't dishonor our dead.
Let the spirits of our loved ones rise for peace instead.


Listen to: "If They Could Only Speak"


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